Cars, trucks and buses made in China by Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

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The Teshang vehicles (dump trucks (tipper trucks), tractor units, truck mounted loader cranes, concrete mixer trucks (cement mixers), stake trucks, dump truck chassis (tipper chassis), and box van trucks etc.) are made in China by (an automobile manufacturer in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China).

Dump truck

  • Teshang dump trucks
  • Chassis: DFE3310VFJ4
  • Engine: YC6MK340N-40; WP12NG350E40
  • Capacity: 16005 kg
  • Cargo body: 7000/7200/7400 × 1140 × 2300 mm
  • Gross weight: 31000 kg
  • Wheelbase: 1950+3800+1350, 1950+3800+1450, 1850…
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Tractor unit

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Truck mounted loader crane

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Stake truck

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Box van truck

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Motor Corporation (China)
Chassis:DFE3310VFJ2Wheelbase (mm):1950+4500+1300, 1950+
Engine:YC6M340N-30 WP12NG350…Tires:11.00-20, 11.00R20, 1…
Power (kW):250 257 280Axle loads (kg):6500/6500/18000
Cargo body (mm):9600 × 2300 × 1800Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):31000Overall (mm):12000 × 2500 × 3250

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Motor Corporation (China)
Chassis:DFE3310VFJWheelbase (mm):1950+3800+1300
Engine:YC6M290N-30 YC6M320N-…Tires:11.00-20, 11.00R20, 1…
Power (kW):214 236 250Axle loads (kg):6500/6500/17800 , 640…
Fuel:natural gasAxles:4
Cargo body (mm):8000/8600 × 2300 × 18…Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):30800Overall (mm):10480/11080 × 2500 × …
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Cargo truck

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Motor Corporation (China)
Chassis:DFE1166GFJ1Gross weight (kg):16300
Engine:YC6A260-33Wheelbase (mm):3900+1300
Power (kW):191Tires:9.00-20, 9.00R20
Fuel:diesel fuelAxle loads (kg):6400/9900
Capacity (kg):7990Axles:3
Cargo body (mm):6200 × 800 × 2300Number of tyres:10

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Motor Corporation (China)
Chassis:DFE1168KFJGross weight (kg):15900
Engine:EQ6100-30Wheelbase (mm):5100
Power (kW):99Tires:8.25-20, 8.25R20, 9.0…
Fuel:gasolineAxle loads (kg):5950/9950
Capacity (kg):9905Axles:2
Cargo body (mm):6600/6800 × 550/600 ×…Number of tyres:6
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Dump truck chassis

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Special purpose vehicle

Municipal sanitation truck

Sprinkler machine (water tank truck)

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Motor Corporation (China)
Chassis:DFE5258JSQFJWheelbase (mm):4350+1300, 5350+1300,…
Engine:YC6J245-42; ISDe245 40Tires:10.00-20, 10.00R20, 1…
Power (kW):180; 180Axle loads (kg):7000/17900
Fuel:diesel fuelAxles:3
Capacity (kg):15005Number of tyres:10
Gross weight (kg):24900Overall (mm):9980 × 2500 × 3300
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Road and bridge construction vehicle

Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer truck
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Special transport vehicle

Bulk powder tank truck

Low-density bulk powder transport tank truck

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Motor Corporation (China)
Chassis:DFE3310VFJ5Wheelbase (mm):1950+4500+1350, 1950+
Engine:YC6MK375N-40; WP12NG3…Tires:11.00-20, 11.00R20, 1…
Power (kW):276; 280Axle loads (kg):6500/6500/18000
Fuel:liquefied natural gasAxles:4
Capacity (kg):14205Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):31000Overall (mm):12000 × 2500 × 3980
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  • Teshang