Cars, trucks and buses made in China by Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

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Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd.

Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. is an automobile manufacturer located in China in Kunming (Yunnan Province), m:manufactures dump trucks (tipper trucks), buses, city buses, stake trucks, cargo trucks, box van trucks, pure electric cargo vans (EV), bus chassis, truck chassis, pure electric truck chassis (EV), tractor units, dump truck chassis (tipper chassis), concrete mixer trucks (cement mixers), flatbed trucks, driver training vehicles, and other vehicles under the brand name .

Dump truck

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Diesel cabover dump truck

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:EQ1061G1DWheelbase (mm):3650
Engine:YC4E135-21 /Tires:8.25-20-14PR
Power (kW):100 /Axles:2
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:6
Cargo body (mm):4050 × 2200 × 600Overall (mm):6220 × 2400 × 2660
Gross weight (kg):6910Curb weight (kg):3910
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  • Dongfeng buses
  • Chassis: EQ6640PNJ5
  • Engine: YC4D120N-50; NQ120BN5; YN38QNE
  • Passengers: 24, 24-26
  • Gross weight: 6600 kg
  • Wheelbase: 3300 mm
  • Curb weight: 4350, 4520 kg
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City bus

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Bus chassis

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Electric passenger vehicle

Electric city bus

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:EQ6760KRLEVWheelbase (mm):4100
Power (kW):150Axle loads (kg):4000/8000
Fuel:only electric power (…Axles:2
Passengers:62/10-30, 59/10-30Number of tyres:6
Gross weight (kg):12000Overall (mm):8100 × 2400 × 2900/31…
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Electric bus

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Power (kW):120Axle loads (kg):2190/2230
Fuel:only electric power (…Axles:2
Passengers:10-18Number of tyres:4
Gross weight (kg):4420Overall (mm):6010 × 1920 × 2314
Wheelbase (mm):3690Curb weight (kg):2996
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Tractor unit

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Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Cargo body (mm):9830 × 2294 × 600Number of tyres:8
Fifth wheel (kg):10000Overall (mm):9990 × 2470 × 2810
Gross weight (kg):27800Curb weight (kg):5300
Wheelbase (mm):5260+1350Overhang (mm):2000
Tires:10.00-20Leaf springs:14
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Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Fifth wheel (kg):5570Number of tyres:4
Gross weight (kg):12450Overall (mm):14750 × 2450 × 2620
Wheelbase (mm):10250Curb weight (kg):4500
Tires:8.25-20Overhang (mm):3240
Axle loads (kg):6880Leaf springs:8
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Stake truck

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Cargo truck

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Light truck

Pickup truck

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:EQ1020FPJ4Gross weight (kg):2345
Engine:4D25UWheelbase (mm):3025
Power (kW):65Tires:P215/75R15, 235/75R15…
Fuel:diesel fuelAxle loads (kg):1125/1220
Capacity (kg):495Axles:2
Cargo body (mm):1480 × 445/480 × 1465Number of tyres:4
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Special truck

Flatbed truck
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Box van truck

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Electric cargo van

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Refrigerated truck

Electric refrigerated truck

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:EQ1020TPBEVJGross weight (kg):2495
Engine:TZ238CQRY30AWheelbase (mm):2850
Power (kW):30Tires:175R14LT 6PR
Fuel:only electric power (…Axle loads (kg):1175/1320
Capacity (kg):555Axles:2
Cargo body (mm):2680 × 1565 × 1525Number of tyres:4
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Truck chassis

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Electric truck chassis

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Dump truck chassis

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Pickup truck chassis

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:4D25UAxle loads (kg):1125/1220
Power (kW):65Axles:2
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:4
Gross weight (kg):2345Overall (mm):4485 × 1650 ×
Wheelbase (mm):3025Curb weight (kg):960
Tires:P215/75R15, 235/75R15…Overhang (mm):570/890
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Special purpose vehicle

Municipal sanitation truck

Detachable body garbage truck

Electric hooklift hoist garbage truck

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:EQ1020TPBEVJWheelbase (mm):2850
Engine:TZ238CQRY30ATires:175R14LT 6PR
Power (kW):30Axle loads (kg):1175/1320
Fuel:only electric power (…Axles:2
Capacity (kg):745Number of tyres:4
Gross weight (kg):2495Overall (mm):4460 × 1605 × 2000
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Street sweeper truck

Road cleaning and dust removal truck

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:YN33CRAxle loads (kg):2695/3800
Power (kW):79Axles:2
Capacity (kg):500Number of tyres:6
Gross weight (kg):6495Overall (mm):6740 × 2150 × 3100
Wheelbase (mm):3800Curb weight (kg):5800,
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Road and bridge construction vehicle

Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer truck
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Public service vehicle

Driver training vehicle

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:EQ1120FPJ4Wheelbase (mm):5300
Engine:YN33CRD1; YC4D120-41Tires:9.00-20
Power (kW):85; 90Axle loads (kg):3915/8325
Fuel:diesel fuelAxles:2
Cargo body (mm):6150 × 550 × 2294Number of tyres:6
Gross weight (kg):12240Overall (mm):9000 × 2450 × 2650
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Special transport vehicle

Bulk powder tank truck

Manufacturer:Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:EQ1311WPJC3Wheelbase (mm):1950+4250+1350, 1950+
Engine:ISLe310 30; WP10.310E…Tires:11.00-20, 11.00R20, 1…
Power (kW):228; 228Axle loads (kg):6550/6550/17900
Fuel:diesel fuelAxles:4
Capacity (kg):15000Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):31000Overall (mm):12000 × 2500 × 3980
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Company brief profile

Dongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd.

Company nameDongfeng Yunnan Automobile Co., Ltd.TypeAutomobile manufacturer
Company locationKunmingStreet addressKunming Heilinpu Zhijie 22
RegionYunnan Province, China (PRC)Zip650106
Phone number0871-8187393Fax number(0871)8187393